by Politburo

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The ego trippin I'm forfeitin. And over-self-glorification is forbidden. And these rappers think they're the best, I'm bored with them. They probably thought I had autism, I'm more different. Put my thoughts to rhythm and talk visions of a distorted, flawed system we all live in. More slaves today than ever before, been force-fed this fate until they can't take anymore. It's a morbid but important topic. Misinformed to conform, filling corporate pockets. One by one, we start to become conscious, of how the powers held the whole world hostage. Mother nature devoured now the whole world's toxic. If you think we're civilised you've been ill-advised. War spews all over the world news but the revolution won't be televised. So wake up.

There's so much to do sleepyhead just open your eyes.
We got stuff to do and you been sleep for the longest time.
I think we overslept.

A wise man once said "know your enemy." At 17 I was powerless against the machine. Half-cast, middle class was in a trance. My eyes locked on the idiot box oblivious. The hidden, hideous plan's insidious. Private prison planet. Six billion prisoners. Wanna know about the pyramids. Our third eye, the bloodlines, Martians, reptilians... Got me struggling with cognitive dissonance. Coz brains are advanced but hearts, primitive. But potential is unlimited so I'm in high spirits, channelling higher spirits. Bless. And a wise man once said "Know your enemy." I learned some things you can't unlearn, but another lesson I learned is love every species alive, then you don't have an enemy in the world. So wake up.

Don't sleep too long.
It's not good to sleep too long.
We're not meant to sleep too long.
And before you know it it's all gone.


released May 25, 2016
MC Aeryz // Vox
Michael Ferrar // Guitar
Darren Pickering // Keys
Michael Story // Bass
Luke Smillie // Drums



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Politburo Christchurch, New Zealand

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